Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain: Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

Back pain can be troubling for everyone and is something that makes day to day walking more uncomfortable. It’s something that people don’t wish for, but they have to deal with. Some shoes are just meant for people who don’t have the detriments that people have to deal with on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with that, they just exist to serve a different audience. Some of these shoes are going end up hurting your back more than it helps it. They won’t have any cushion which will make your feet feel worse. You need something that is going to accommodate your day to day experiences.

You have to look at the shoes that you currently wear and see if they are right for you. Shoes like high heels are going to hurt you if you wear them everyday. Shoes like that are more so made for how other people view you, rather than your own comfort. You want to minimize bruising as much as possible which is something that will happen if you are careless. There are so many alternatives that you can choose that will make your life walking better. Some of these can even be worn in formal occasions.

This is a fact that you should be happy to learn. Shoes are something that you can look good in and also have a lot of comfort in. Amazon sells these shoes, so you can get the benefits of prime if you happen to have that membership.

1. Adidas Ultra boost

This shoe is quite possibly the best sneaker ever when it comes to comfort. The different materials that it uses is something that all people see a lot of value in. The boost is better than ever, and features one of the best insoles that you can use in other shoes.

The boost in this shoe is really good, but it’s going to bottom out in a month if you put a lot of work into it. The Prime knit something that feels like a blanket for your feet. There really isn’t a material that’s as comfortable as this on your feet.

When it comes to immediate comfort, there really isn’t any comparison. It also looks much better than a lot of shoes that you will look at. The major con is the pricing and inconsistent sizing. These are things that are only going to affect some people and doesn’t apply to everyone.

2. New Balance 990

There are multiple versions of these sneakers, but all of them are great. There are many new balance running sneakers but this one is likely going to last you the most amount of time. This is something that allows the 990 to stand among itself, even in the New Balance line of shoes.

This is more of a running sneaker, more than the trainers that you might see. The foam is really comfortable, it’s something that lasts for a long time. The upper is also really good and has a nice look to it which is almost exclusive to this pair.

The laces are incredibly durable and are going to last you along time. One of the most iconic colorways of this pair is the grey pair, which isn’t going to look as dirty as the other pairs. These shoes have been stated to be some of the most comfortable sneakers you can buy.

3. Nike Air max (full length air max)

Nike air max’s have air technology which is very comfortable of a long time. This is something that people are going to be able to use for years. The one flaw is that if you step on something sharp, the air is going to release out of the cushioning.

The upper can differ depending on which pair you get. Though, the one on Amazon on has one with a mesh upper. On Nike’s website, you can actually get one with a flynit upper which is more expensive, but much more comfortable.

All the cushion that you have is really going to help to support your back. You’re going to rely less on your body because the shoe is going to have enough support to be able to take on that stress. It’s also very light and flexible, which is going to make you use less energy over a long period of time.

4. Nike air max 98

The air max 98 is a shoe that has more of an older feel to it, but it was one of Nike’s first full length air max shoes. The shoes aren’t as cushioned as Nike’s later models however, there is still a reason to use these shoes.

If you happen to be more a skinnier person with back issues, you could get a lot more with these pairs of sneakers. Not only is the traction really nice, but there’s not going to be an overwhelming amount of cushion that you may not need.

The upper is something that people may not like, you’re going to enjoy it once you break it in. The foam above the cushioning is also really good once you break it in.

5. Ascics gel lyte V

The gel lyte V is also a really good shoe but this is going to last you a longer time. The cushioning is one of the most comfortable experiences that you will ever have. The upper is something that anyone can appreciate, even if you don’t wear sneakers that often.

These shoes are something help you all throughout the shoe and you can feel it with every step. It’s a shoe more for everyday walking more than competitive running. There are shoes for that if that’s what you want, but most competitive runners aren’t going to have lower back pain.

Foams tend to bottom out and with the softer a foam is, the faster it’s going to bottom out. This foam is firm and is going to last you for a long time, potentially even for years. As long as you have good posture, the shoe is going to do its best to support you.

6. All birds wool shoes

These shoes are incredibly comfortable regardless of what kinds of shoes that you wear. The upper that is use is some of the most comfortable wool that you will ever wear. The material has been comparable to designer jackets that are used on suits.

The insoles are great and help to compliment the actual foam of the shoe. The foam is what makes the shoe special and there aren’t that many shoes that can compare to this foam compound. It laces well to your feet, but not to the point where it’s way too tight.

The experience of wearing the shoe is something that you have to feel for yourself. Not only is there a lot of support for your foot, but people say that sometimes they forget that they’re wearing shoes. It’s so flexible that it feels like your foot puts almost no effort when walking.

7. Adidas NMD

Adidas NMD is a great show to wear everyday. With the NMD you should try to get a colorway with primeknit. The regular material isn’t the best, but it will cost you less. There is a layer of plastic to protect any drag that may happen to you.

The one flaw when you use this show is that it doesn’t come with an insole. That can really hurt your feet if you can’t get used to that. If you can get past that you’re in for a really comfortable ride.

The boost technology has been really appreciated by the critics. They say it’s one of the most comfortable shoe technologies. But because your foot isn’t so close to the foam, you will be able to use it for a lot longer than other shoes. It will service you really well for years to come.

8. Nike react

This shoe is one of the best shoes for people who just want to walk around in something comfortable. When you buy this shoe, make sure to get one that has flynit, because that upper is much more comfortable. The laces are made of a good material and will be useful for a long time.

The react technology is something that people have praised for a long time. It’s something that’s effective, but you should try to avoid intensive activities in these shoes. Typically it’s a shoe that not meant to be pushed in very athletic.

The one con to this shoe is the durability. The outsole is going wear down really fast, which is going to wear on the actual cushioning that is used. This is something that people have voiced their criticism for and will likely get better releases as time passes.

9. Adidas pureboost

Adidas is one of the best options for cheap, long term comfort. It’s just over $100 and is constantly going on sale. Adidas boost is one of the best technologies out there and is constantly getting new updates to improve it.

The upper feels amazing and it makes people forget that their even wearing a shoe. It’s really great and people don’t appreciate it enough. The level of detail that went into making the wearer feel comfortable has to be commended. Boost is something that will change your perspective on every piece of footwear.

The one flaw is the durability of the sneaker as well as the aesthetic. Your opinion may be different, but a lot of users don’t find it to be a shoe that looks that nice. More importantly, this isn’t a shoe that you can be too athletic in, otherwise it’s going to tear the shoe apart.

10. Cole Haan shortwing sneaker

Dress shoes are very uncomfortable regardless of quality because of the thick, hard rubber sole. Years ago, Cole Haans and Nike worked together so that Cole Haans could use Nike’s lunarlon technology. This foam technology was commonly used in running shoes, basketball and even tennis shoes.

It’s more of a casual technology for those who just want to work out. With these shoes you can go to work and be comfortable the entire day. You may also just want to wear some leather shoes and not have your feet hurt.

What deserves praise with these dress sneakers is that it doesn’t sacrifice a lot of aspects so that these shoes are comfortable. It still has a lot of support and a lot of the colorways look nice. There is a color option for almost everyone, regardless of the clothes that you like to wear.


All of these shoes are really good and you’ll have great adventures in them for years to come. The cushioning is something that people need to feel over time and sometimes you need to break in. The cushioning is something that can be plush or really firm depending on what you prefer. It’s really going to support you back because there isn’t going to be as much pressure. The original Chuck Taylor isn’t very good because it’s just made out of hard rubber and designed for Basketball close to a century ago.

There are a ton of shoes that you can go with. What you should do is try these shoes out at your local outlets and see how they fit. You need to ask your self if you don’t want to wear that cushioning every day. The different things that make up the shoe can fall apart if it’s not durable enough. There are also shoes from a lot of different price points. But Regardless, Amazon has all of these shoes and they can get them to you in a really short time. Their all incredibly special and work to make your day a little bit more comfortable. Aesthetics may play a role, but in this case it’s the least important factor.

Price for many of you may be a point that’s really important. Some shoes like the Ultra boost are incredibly expensive and most people can’t afford them. Even then, they are constantly out of stock and their sizes are changing. A shoe like the New Balance of Ascics shoes are around the range of $100 and are also really comfortable while being more affordable. Try to find the right balance that makes you back more comfortable. Most of these shoes can also last for a long time.

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