Best Tennis Shoes: Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

Are you looking to buy the best tennis shoes? If so, you are on the right page. We understand that buying the right tennis shoes is not an easy job. That is why we have come up with detailed reviews featuring the ten best tennis shoes in the market. Check out your following options, read the features and finally zero in on your preferred product!

1. New Balance Fuel Core Tennis Shoes

Are you looking to make the most of your tennis sessions? If so, this pair of athletic tennis shoes from New Balance is your best bet! Easy to wear and incredibly comfortable, these shoes offer a solid grip during your gaming sessions. What’s more, it also comes with stylish lace-up support that adds to its elegance. This nifty little shoe is also powered by the REVlite cushioning along the midsole. This lightweight cushioning keeps you comfortable while also easing your movement.

The sole is made of high-quality, slip-resistant rubber that’ll keep you steady throughout multiple games. The best part: this shoe is lightweight an extremely easy to maintain. Overall, we were highly impressed by the features and style of these athletic tennis shoes.


  • It offers consistent support during the game.
  • Made from lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • Backed by comfortable cushioning in the midsoles.
  • Athletic and incredibly stylish.


  • The quality of the soles can be improved.

2. Nike Revolution 4 Shoes

Tailored for running and a variety of other sports, Revolution 4 Shoes from Nike are one of the best products from the brand. Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, this shoe is backed by a rubber sole and mesh uppers. The sole offers a solid grip and the mesh uppers render the required breathability. So, whether you’re playing tennis, jogging, or even running for extensive hours- this shoe will have you covered!

One of the defining features of these shoes are the molded pods that are tailored to offer multi-surface traction. These pods will automatically flatten during heavy impact thereby delivering soft and comfortable cushioning. The performance of the shoe is solid, and when you finally get them, the Nike Revolution 4 will last you several years along the line.


  • Made from high-quality synthetic fabric.
  • Molded pods render consistent traction.
  • Soft foam offers comfortable cushioning.
  • Backed by underlays in the toe-tip for added support.


  • It can be squeaky.

3. Zocavia Tennis Shoes

If you’re looking for extra support during games, this tennis shoe from Zocavia is a great pick! Crafted from soft, synthetic fabric, this shoe is both comfortable and functional. Thanks to the breathable mesh layer, your feet will be clean, comfortable, and dry; regardless of the intensity of your training session. The next relevant feature is the rubber outsole that isn’t just lightweight but is also backed by anti-slip properties. The insole is equally great. It is durable, backed by moisture-wicking quality and keeps you feel consistently cool. The best part: it is extremely comfortable.

Since the fabric of this shoe is incredible, it’ll work with you throughout all seasons. The soles are also backed by shock absorber property that’ll adapt according to the foot strikes. Overall, the product is soft, cushiony and highly protective.


  • Made from light and breathable fabric.
  • Ideal for all seasons.
  • The soles come backed by shock absorber property.
  • Keeps your feet comfortable and dry.


  • The design and style can be improved.

4. New Balance Men’s Tennis Shoes

Offering the right degree of traction and balance- these tennis shoes from New Balance will certainly exceed your expectations. Powered by the lace-up property, this shoe offers you just the right kind of grip for a power-packed performance. It protects your feet and offers added pressure on some target spots, allowing you to perform better. The shoes have reinforced and well—perforated toe box that’ll perfectly protect your toes while you slide one shot after the other. Other major takeaways are the ABZORB cushioning and the C-Cap midsole, both of which offer excellent support to your vulnerable spots. The overall features are excellent, and it is surely value-for-money. Get these tennis shoes to enjoy longer, uninterrupted hours of tennis sessions.


  • It comes with the lace-up feature that renders an excellent grip.
  • Offers support to your toes.
  • C-cap midsole protects the vulnerable areas of your feet.
  • Made from breathable mesh fabric.


  • It has a narrow, tapered design.

5. Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoes

The Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are comfortable, functional, and incredibly stylish. But the key feature of these nifty shoes lies in the degree of traction they offer. Thanks to the solid rubber sole, you can now stop and turn every time you need to. The upper part of the shoe is lightweight and supports your feet consistently.

One of the key takeaways of these shoes is the Torison system that is tailored to support your midfoot as you try to lunge for balls. Next, in line are the Adipene cushions that protect your heels in the court. You can remove the insole of these shoes and replace them as needed. Overall, the shoe is affordably priced and going by the features it’ll surely live by your expectations.


  • Backed by the Torison system that offers comfort to your midfoot.
  • Adipene cushions keep your heels protected.
  • It comes with removable insoles.
  • Affordably priced.


  • The eyelet isn’t as durable.

6. Nike Court Tennis Shoes

Nike shoes never disappoint, and this product from the brand’s court series isn’t an exception. Made from textile and synthetic fabric, this shoe is strong, durable, and extremely powerful. The rubber sole will offer you the desired traction, while the fabric will ensure both comfort and durability. We also loved the mesh tongue as it enhanced the breathability of the product. So, even when you wear these shoes for hours, your feet will be clean and sweat-free. A feature we loved in the Court Tennis was the GDR outsole. This sole especially offers consistent and durable traction. You’ll also find a phylon midsole inside the shoe. This offers perfect and lightweight cushioning. Finally, the added material on the toe section offers resistance against abrasion.


  • It offers long-lasting traction.
  • Features a lightweight frame.
  • Extremely breathable.
  • Leaves your feet sweat-free and completely clean.


  • Can work on the design.

7. Asics Men Gel Solution Shoes

If you’re looking to enjoy comfortable rounds of tennis without sacrificing the support- these Gel Solution shoes from Asics are an excellent option. Made from imported materials, these shoes are powered by a rubber sole that doesn’t just offer the desired traction but is also completely slip-resistant. The shaft can be measured low-top from the arch and works exceptionally well regardless of the duration of your game. We were also impressed by the GEL cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot. Thanks to this feature, the shoes will automatically adjust to any shock while allowing movement in different planes. It will keep doing this even as your foot passes through the gait cycle. Other notable features include the Flexion Fit upper that renders maximum comfort and PGuard Toe Protector that protects your toes


  • Made from the best grade of synthetic fabric and textiles.
  • It comes with a dedicated feature for protecting toes.
  • It offers excellent cushioning.
  • Renders comfort throughout the game.


  • The quality of the soles can be improved.

8. Adidas Game Court Tennis Shoes

This is yet another product from Adidas, that made it to our list for its incredible efficiency. These imported shoes from the brand come backed with a rubber sole and a midsole that offers an extra dose of comfort. The fit is regular, and the fabric is breathable. That means you can now enjoy longer hours of tennis without sweaty feet. The shoes come with TPU reinforcements in the upper portion that offers extra support to your feet. What’s more, there’s also a feature called Adituff that protects against abrasion along your toe. This is further enhanced by the outsole that boosts the durability of the shoes. The midsole is made of Cloudfoam that doesn’t just offer excellent cushioning, but also the highest degree of comfort.


  • The midsoles offer superior comfort.
  • Made from the best range of breathable fabric.
  • It doesn’t leave you with sweaty feet.
  • The soles are resistant to abrasion.


  • It can improve ankle support.


9. K-Swiss Women’s Tennis Shoes

If you’re fond of playing tennis in style, these shoes from K-Swiss are a top option. Made from synthetic fabric, these shoes are strong, durable and backed by a textile lining. These shoes also feature a lace closure and are easy to put on and off. We loved the fact that you could wear these shoes for long hours and still get the kind of support you need. Yes, being tennis shoes, this product offers extra traction to your ankles. We also loved the molded sock liner that made it easier to wear the shoes. The outsole offers solid traction you can use these shoes while practicing for the longest hours. Both the design and functionality will end up exceeding your expectations.


  • Backed by a solid lace closure.
  • It offers consistent traction.
  • The shoes come backed by a textile lining.
  • Available in a stylish and unique design.


  • The durability of the soles needs to improve.

10. Asics Gel Revolution Shoes

This is the second product from Asics that made it to our list for its incredible efficiency. Featuring a stylish design, these shoes can double-up as your running or jogging shoes. The material is synthetic and breathable. Since it is also imported, you can always rely on it in terms of quality. What we loved most about this product was the gender-specific cushioning. Thanks to this feature, the women variants of the shoes have a lesser-density top layer along the midsole. This allows them to make the most of midsole compression. Another defining feature is the flexion fit upper that offers perfect comfort without compromising on the support. The shoe is also backed by a toe protector and gel cushioning system for maximum support and comfort.


  • It offers maximum comfort with the Gel cushioning system.
  • Protects your toe during the practice sessions.
  • Available in multiple, stylish shades.
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty on the


  • Not ideal for people with a narrower foot.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best tennis shoes is easier when you have complete clarity about the things you should look for in the shoes. In this section, we will discuss these features in detail.

Type of Court

This is one of the primary things you should consider before zeroing in on a tennis shoe. You will find different types of shoes tailored to different courts. For instance, if you are playing or practicing on a hard court, durable shoes with shock absorption properties are a good option. Alternatively, if you are playing in clay court, choose shoes with synthetic uppers. For grass courts, shoes with nub patterns will work best.

Style Of Playing

Do you often stick to your baseline or do you prefer the old-school-style? Either way, your playing style is one of the biggest determinants when it comes to buying the best tennis shoes. If you play by the baseline, choose shoes with durable soles, proper cushioning, and adequate lateral support. This will help you with the sidewise movement. If, however, you tend to charge the net after every serve, try settling for durable toe caps. This will offer you added flexibility.

Type of Foot

The kind of shoe you get will also depend on your foot type. For instance, if you have a pronated foot (which almost 60% of tennis players have) try getting a shoe that offers superior lateral support. Again, if your foot is supinated, try getting shoes with shock-absorbent properties. Finally, if your foot is neutral, any standard tennis shoe will work in your favor.


Regardless of your playing style, foot type, or court- it is important to ensure your shoes are durable. Check for testimonials and do not settle with a product that has plenty of complaints regarding durability. Additionally, look for warranties offered directly by the manufacturers. Reputed tennis shoe manufacturers will offer a warranty of at least 6 months.

Other Features

In addition to the aforementioned factors, also check if your tennis shoes offer advanced protection to your toes. Since tennis involves a frequent shift in your movement, it is especially important to get shoes that offer proper protection to your toes. Besides this, look for proper cushioning in your shoes.

Bottom Line

Once you consider these factors, choosing the best tennis shoes will be easier. So, explore the featured options, consider the features, and finally make the perfect pick.

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