Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete: Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

Are you having difficulties walking on hard surfaces? Do you want to buy the best shoe to walk on concrete? Choosing the right footwear is important to protect your feet and to support your walking. You will have to take extra caution if you spend a couple of hours on concrete or any other hard surface every day.

The right footwear will help your legs and feet to deal with the stress that you experience while walking for a long time on hard surfaces such as concrete. Any wrong product will cause pain in your legs, muscles, hips, feet, and even in your back.

There is no doubt that our feet are capable to walk on almost all surfaces. However, they need support to avoid stress. In this article, we will discuss the top ten best shoes that you can wear to walk and run on concrete. Besides, you will know about some essential features that you need to consider while purchasing shoes to walk on concrete.

1. Keen Utility Cool ESD Shoe

Keen Utility Cool ESD Shoe can be ideal for all those who want a good combination of stylish design, superior comfort, and the best protection. The ESD feature will offer great support by reducing the impact of the electricity. The mesh lining will make your shoe extremely breathable. Also, it will keep your feet comfortable and cool regardless of the outside conditions. The reflective webbing will offer safety in low-light conditions.

Keen Utility Shoe is best for long durations. If you believe users, you can feel comfortable even after wearing it for more than eighteen hours. Durability is an added benefit.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Steel toe protection
  • Comfortable for long-distance walking
  • Bungee-style laces to offer enhanced safety
  • Mesh lining for breath-ability and comfort
  • ESD technology


  • You might need extra cushioning

2. Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Shoe

If you want one shoe to meet all your walking needs, you should not look beyond Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Shoe. It can be best for walking and factory work. The quality is unparalleled and the fit is exceptional. This shoe features ortholite sock liner to offer internal comfort.

Also, DuoMax and Trusstic technologies will help with every step. Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Shoe is versatile and can support most of your needs. Also, It can be used for everyday wear.

The users find it useful to wear for long hours without compromising comfort. You can wear it throughout the day without putting any pressure on your feet and leg.


  •  Gel cushioning to offer superior comfort
  •  Removable insole
  • Versatile and breathable
  • Duo Max system to support long-standing hours
  •  sock liner


  •  Some users find it less durable compared to competitors

3. Reebok Men’s N Cushion 2.0 Shoe

Reebok Men’s N Cushion 2.0 Shoe is designed to support your feet on hard surfaces. This shoe can be used for working on concrete. You can also use it for casual walking. It will offer improved arch support and superior comfort important to work on concrete surfaces for a long time. This shoe features removable memory foam inserts. Also, it is extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Another benefit of this shoe is that it is slip-resistant. This feature makes it one of the best and versatile shoes for all the surfaces. Also, it is available in two different colors, black and white. You can choose the one depending on your preference.


  •  Best quality with 100% leather
  • Slip and oil-resistant outsole
  • Low-cut design to offer an impressive look
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fits fairly well
  • DMX Ride Technology
  • Velcro straps


  • Too small

4. Dunham Men’s Bryce Shoe

Dunham Men’s Shoe is perfect for walking on concrete floors. This shoe looks very stylish and can impressively reflect your personality. It is designed for all those who want a stylish and formal look for walking on concrete floors all day. The comfort is unparalleled and the removable ortholite footbed makes the shoe breathable. It will reduce any odor that you normally experience after wearing your shoe for long hours.

Dunham Men’s Shoe features extra heel padding for better shock absorption. You can expect superior arch support as well. In brief, this shoe can be worn all day. You will appreciate the comfort and breath-ability.


  • Stylish design with a formal look
  • Full grain upper leathers
  • Lace-up style
  • Enhanced arch support and comfort
  • Removable ortholite foam footbed
  • EVA foam heel cap


  •  Soles are not that durable

5. RYKA Women’s Walking Shoe

If you want the best shoes for concrete floors, you should not look beyond RYKA Women’s Walking Shoe. It is made for long-distance walking and features a breathable mesh upper to promote air circulation around the feet all day. These shoes are lightweight and will not add any extra weight to the feet even if you use it throughout the day.

The ortholite footbed is added to offer maximum traction and flexibility. Also, it offers all-round comfort. The shoe is super easy to clean and you can use it for a long time.


  • Ortholite footbed make the shoe soft and easy on your feet
  • Good for those with bunions
  • Padded tongue and breathable uppers to provide comfort and support long-distance walks
  • Rubber outsoles provide flexibility, traction, and a perfect grip


  •  A bit slippery and expensive
  •  Size might be a concern for a few

6. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Shoe

Clarks has a good reputation for manufacturing the best quality shoes. Clarks Men’s Cotrell Shoe is one of the best products of Clarks. It combines both style and comfort and makes it a perfect fit for all those who spend long hours on concrete. This shoe features solid cushioning, lightweight and ventilated body, and sturdy and flexible soles.

The sole will help your feet to maintain proper contact with concrete floors. Also, the sole is smooth and slip-resistant which helps prevent accidental falls. The leather upper and padding will offer you the required comfort on concrete surfaces. The leather upper will ensure proper airflow and prevent feet sweating as well.


  • Perfect for a long-distance walk
  • Flexible and slip-resistant soles
  • Impressive design
  • Lather upper padding to ensure enhanced comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Firm grip


  • A bit expensive

7. Adidas Originals Men’s Shoe

Adidas Originals Men’s Shoe is designed to protect your feet in the best possible manner without compromising the quality. It offers the best fit and comfort to support your feet to work on concrete for long hours. This shoe offers good stability and a proper grip to avoid accidental pain and twists. It does not have much cushioning. However, comfort is rest assured.

These are lightweight and will not add extra pressure to your feet that can cause pain and stress. The outer sole grip is perfect and will prevent any slip. Also, it features great upper covering to make the shoe breathable and to keep your feet fresh and dry throughout.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Affordable and durable
  • Slip resistant to prevent accidental slips
  • Great covering to keep your feet dry all day long


  •  Lacks extra cushioning and tongue

8. TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Shoes

If you are looking for a perfect shoe for walking, running, and working on  concrete, then you can think of TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Shoes. It will make your experience safer and better. This shoe is well cushioned, ensuring superior comfort and refreshment. You will love walking once you have this shoe. Also, it is properly ventilated to provide free air circulation. The breath-ability will keep your feet cool and dry all day.

TIOSEBON offers good stability and grips important for walking. These shoes are firm and can protect your feet from pain and discomfort. Also, it is light enough to wear all day.


  • Removable insole to offer better grip
  • Added cushioning to provide unparalleled comfort
  • Firmness and stability to support your walking
  • Lightweight to feel comfortable throughout
  • Breathable


  •  Not water resistant

9. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 is designed to support your walking on hard surfaces. It can fit all your needs with required comfort and breathability. The size and design are awesome. Amazing cushioning is an added benefit. You will get the best comfort and can wear your shoe for a long time. The outer sole will make it even easier and perfect on the feet. The sole is firm and offers flexibility to support all your feet postures.

While running and walking, you might experience some shock underneath your feet. When the shock is not absorbed, you will experience pain and discomfort around your ankle. Brooks Ghost 10 can be the best solution for this problem. It will absorb the shock and will reduce pain.


  • Well-supported and durable
  • Shock absorbing ability
  • Removable insole
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Better stability and firmness


  •  A bit pricey

10. Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Shoe

Skechers is well known for quality work. You will not find any exception here. This slip-on style shoe is designed to offer all the support and comfort needed for walking on the concrete. It features a gel-infused memory foam insole cushion to support your walking on hard surfaces. The elastic goring of this shoe offers a firm grip and enables you to walk comfortably for long hours.

Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Shoe can offer the best fit for all those with wider feet. The shoes are lightweight and breathable. These features will keep your feet dry, cool, and fresh all day. You can expect all these benefits at an affordable price.


  • Roomy fit and breathable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Elastic goring and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Get infused memory foam


  •  Not good for long-distance walking

Buying Guide

Finding the best shoe will mostly depend on your activity level. If you are a casual walker, you will need a different shoe than those who spend most of the time walking on concrete. However, here are a few features that you should go through before deciding a shoe to walk on concrete.


Comfort is the prime requirement. You should never consider an uncomfortable shoe. Get a shoe that is breathable and comfortable. Many things will decide the comfort level of your shoe. Four key factors are size, flexibility, cushioning, and weight. Get a size that offers a perfect fit. Make sure that the shoe is flexible near the toe. For running shoes, you will need more cushioning. Another factor is weight. Lightweight shoes are breathable and soft on your feet.


Support is important for proper grip and stability. Arch support will help you to walk freely, stand comfortably, and work with ease on concrete  surfaces. If you do not get the required support and stability, you will have difficulty walking. Support, stability, and flexibility are interlinked. In the absence of all these, you might experience muscle pain, back pain, and hip pain. Get a shoe that offers solid support. That will ultimately improve the overall comfort.


Breath-ability means your shoe ensures proper airflow around your feet. Adequate airflow will keep your feet smooth, fresh, cool, and dry throughout. It will prevent sweating and odor as well.


The price will also play the determining role. With a flexible budget, you can expect the best quality and improved features. However, you can get a quality product at a less expensive price. Your focus should be on comfort and stability even if you are choosing from cheaper products.


You should always choose a product that is durable and breathable. You might need to spend a little more on the quality products. However, you should always go with them if your budget allows it. Quality products are durable. That means you can use them for a long time. If you buy a cheap product, you will have to replace it more frequently.


Now you might have an idea about the shoes that work best on concrete. You know the features and even the top ten products. Go through all the above products and match them with your activities and price to know which one can offer you the best fit. Once again, you should never compromise comfort and breath-ability.

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