Best Shoes for Nurses: Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

Are you looking for the best shoes for nurses? Do you want superior quality and unparalleled comfort? If you are in the medical profession, you will need the best pair of shoes to support your long shifts. You will have to take many things into your account that includes material, construction, comforts, and safety.

If you choose the wrong shoe, you will not get the perfect fit. The result is obvious. You might experience feet, leg, muscle, and hip pain. You can avoid all these possibilities by choosing the right shoe.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten best shoes for nurses. At the same time, we will help you with some features that you should look in your shoe.

1. Alegria Women’s Slip-On Shoe

Alegria Women’s Slip-On Shoe can be the perfect choice for all those who are looking for ultra comfort, high-quality, and slip-on shoes to support their professional demands. It features a leather upper that can offer a stylish look. Besides, there is a roomy foam bed to ensure utmost comfort. The insole and elastic goring offer the perfect fit. The lightweight and slip-resistant rocker outsole will prevent slipping and will offer stability to support you standing for long hours.

This stylish and comfortable shoe is specifically designed to meet all your needs. The slip-resistant outsole, memory foam footbed, and removable insole make it a great choice for your profession.


  •  Stylish and durable
  •  Super comfortable and flexible
  •  Slip-resistant to offer stability in adverse conditions
  •  Top box to provide ultimate protection
  •  Durable leather uppers


  •  Needs some adjustment to get the best fit

2. Dansko Women’s Professional Shoe

Dansko Women’s Professional Shoe is a practical and professional nursing shoe made to offer both comfort and a professional look. The main purpose is to protect your feet and support it throughout. It is made from the quality leather. So, you can expect a durable result with a sophisticated look. The shoe features a synthetic sole that is comfortable and slip-resistant as well. Besides, there is polyurethane outsole, padded instep collar, and rocker bottom to offer shock absorption when you stand, walk, or run.

This is a clog type shoe that provides a roomy and comfortable fit regardless of the size of your feet. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain.


  •  Shock absorption to prevent discomfort and pain
  •  PU outsole for comfort and stability
  •  Reinforced box
  •  Padded instep collar
  •  Slip-resistant and roomy


  •  Tightness at the feet
  •  Quality needs to be improved

3. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Foam Shoe

Skechers is popular for comfort, style, and durability. You should not expect any exception here. You will get all the qualities with some improved features to find the best nursing shoe. It features synthetic mesh upper and cushioned mesh tongue to make your day on the feet less challenging. The rubber will ensure great traction. The shoe is also super comfortable and non-slip. The lace-up feature will ensure a snug fit on any feet with the best support and protection. The shoe is designed to keep you stable and comfortable throughout.

You can use Skechers Women’s D’Lites Foam Shoe all day without any discomfort and pain. The comfort level will be excellent with padded collar, supportive overlays, and memory foam insole.


  •  Non-slip and stable
  •  Supportive overlays
  •  Durable and flexible
  •  Memory foam sole for better comfort
  •  Lace-up closure to offer the best fit


  •  Not great with knee and hip issues

4. Crocs Women’s Work Clog Shoe

Crocs Women’s Work Clog Shoe combines both safety and comfort. Both are required to support a long shift and to prevent muscle and feet pain. The key benefit is affordability. This shoe is affordable and can easily fit into your budget. The roomy design and lock thread will offer comfort and secure fit while walking on any surface. There is a heel-hugging backstrap that will keep your feet inside the shoe without causing falling or slipping.

You will also have the arch support to keep your foot stable and comfortable throughout. Also, it is odor-resistant and easy to clean. You can wear it throughout the day even in the hot summer without any discomfort. Clog type makes it easy to put in and remove that you might need while working in the healthcare industry.


  •  Lightweight and comfortable
  •  Best shoe for nursing professional
  •  Clog type for easy uses
  •  Ultimate comfort and secure fit
  •  Heel-hugging backstrap and slip-resistant


  •  Not roomy

5. Nurse Mates Slip-On Loafer

If you want a shoe that is specifically designed for your profession, you should not look beyond Nurse Mates Slip-On Loafer. This shoe comes with all the features to support your feet throughout the day. It has floater leather uppers that durable, ultra-light, and stain-resistant. Besides, these shoes are well-designed to offer a stylish look. The outsole and the bottom with rubber insert make the shoe slip-resistant important for your profession. Besides, there is a removable contoured footbed that you can replace with the orthopedic insole to meet your unique needs.

This shoe is designed for the working nursing professional to make their days less stressful. You can wear them comfortably for more than twelve hours. It will offer comfort and secure fit all day.


  •  Lightweight and comfortable
  •  Floater leather uppers for a stylish look and comfort it
  •  Slip-resistant sole to ensure stability
  •  Easy to clean and stain-resistant
  •  Specifically designed for nurses


  •  Lacks durability

6. Keen Utility Men’s Slip-ON Shoe

Any male nurse would love to wear this footwear since it offers the stability, protection, and comfort that they require to support their job demands. It comes with the leather upper slip-on design non-marking slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole to offer a secure fit to your feet regardless of the surface type. The leather looks impressive and does not demand much maintenance as well. Besides, there are memory foam footbed and TPU stability shank to give you comfort throughout the day.

The slip-on style will ensure easy uses. You can easily put on and take off whenever required. The Cush PU memory foam provides a high level of comfort and the medial side gore will keep your foot secure.


  •  Durable and stylish leather uppers
  •  Optimal comfort and stability
  •  Mark II non-slip standard tested
  •  Memory foam footbed and cush CPU for flexibility and comfort


  •  You might not find the look that attractive

7. Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Slip Resistant Shoes

If you want something that meets your job specifications, then Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Slip Resistant Shoes are designed for you only. It has everything that you can expect from a professional shoe. You will love the comfort, flexibility, stability, and breathability. These shoes are made with comfort and stability in mind. You will appreciate the EVA bottom sole and even the customized cushioning. This shoe looks simple but professional. It has a stylish line with 1.5-inch heel height to keep your feet happier in those long painful hours.

There is a soft synthetic leather upper that is easy to clean. The interior also comes with soft foam padding to be soft on your feet and adapts to your foot shape without any discomfort.


  •  Foam insoles to boost comfort
  •  Soft synthetic leather upper
  •  Slip-resistant soles
  •  Soft-foam padding
  •  Lightweight EVA bottom sole
  •  Natural arch design
  •  Secure and comfortable fit
  •  Affordable


  •  Good for wide feet only

8. JOOMRA Women Lightweight Shoe

JOOMRA Women Lightweight Shoe is one of the best shoes for nurses available in the current condition. This lightweight sneaker offers comfort and a secure fit. It features a comfortable synthetic sole to get an adequate cushioning. You will certainly like the newly developed 3D woven upper. It features an intricate grid pattern and makes your shoe look stylish. This shoe is highly appreciated by users for the comfy fit. Besides, the shoe comes with the slip-on construction and lace-up closure to offer a secure fit all day. There are some quick adjustments. Also, the outsole design with the natural flex groves will react with every step.

The insole is removable. If you find it uncomfortable, you can simply replace it with your preferred choice. The shoe is available in a wide range of colors as well.


  •  Lightweight and comfortable
  •  Looks great and fits well
  •  Newly developed 3D woven upper
  •  Shoe tongue to offer all-day comfort with an exceptional fit
  •  Versatile and can support your different needs


  •  Insole is a bit uncomfortable

9. Skechers Sport Women’s Memory Foam Shoe

If you want the best combination of style and comfort, you should try Skechers Sport Women’s Memory Foam Shoe. You will love the design and look. The key benefit is that you will get the safety of laces without tying them. It comes with a bungee lace system to keep feet snugly secure in shoes. It has a rubber sole to provide superb traction. This feature will also make your shoe slip-resistant. There is flex glove outsole that will move with every step while offering a superior level of comfort, stability, and support.

The breathable mesh upper and memory foam insole makes it versatile and enables the user to wear it comfortably for long hours. You can walk, stand, or even run all day without experiencing sore feet and any kind of discomfort.


  •  Bungee style slip-on lace to offer a secure fit
  •  Non-slip rubber outsole for providing enhanced stability, flexibility, and protection
  •  Comfortable and stable
  •  Best for medical professionals


  •  Poor-fitting after using for some time

10. Reebok Women’s Work N Shoe

Reebok is well-known for producing durable, stable, and comfortable shoes. Reebok Women’s Work N Shoe comes with all the premium qualities of the Reebok. You can expect some new features in this shoe. It has a protective toe bumper and padded collar to protect you from falling and to get the best comfort and support when you need it most. Both the outsole and rubber sole are oil and slip-resistant. Also, there is a synthetic rubber to make your shoe comfortable and breathable. It looks stylish and impressive as well. You will love the feminine look and design.

In brief, you can that it is an extremely durable and supportive type of shoe that can support nurses to spend many hours on their feet.



  •  Non-slip qualities protect from accidental falls
  •  Breathable and comfortable
  •  Flexible and secure fit
  •  Lace-up style and padded collar
  •  Stylish look


  •  Some users do not find it durable

Buying Guide

While buying a nursing shoe, you will have to take care of a few things to get the desired comfort. Without comfort, you cannot perform your job efficiently. Flexibility, breathability, and secure fit are other requirements. Here are a few things that you can consider to find the best nursing shoe to support your feet for long hour’s shifts.


Comfort comes first. When you stand for a long time, you cannot ignore comfort. Before buying, try your shoe to ensure that it fits well without any adjustment.

Even if you find it a little uncomfortable, do not hesitate to try other options.

Lightweight and Breathable

Heavy shoes will not feel soft on your feet. Also, you cannot be comfortable by wearing a heavy shoe throughout. So, make sure that the shoe is light on your feet and you can easily move or run when it is on. Also, ensure that the shoe is breathable and can absorb the shock.


Your shoe needs to be stable. You can check the design, heel height, fit, shape, and any other additional feature to ensure the stability of your shoe.


Quality material will make your shoe breathable and flexible. Also, it will eliminate odor and stress. You can use quality material for a long time with a little maintenance as well.

Slip-resistant & Safety

While buying a nursing shoe, you will have to make sure that it is slip-resistant.

You might need to work on slippery surfaces many times. If the sole is not made with anti-slip material, then you can fall causing both minor and major injuries.


Now you know the features that make a shoe perfect for your profession. Also, you got the list of top ten nursing shoes. Go through the features and choose the one that fits your budget and your unique demands. However, your priority should be stability, comfort, and safety.


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