Best Golf Shoes: Reviews and Buyers Guides

Are you looking for the best golf shoes? Do you want to know which qualities make a shoe perfect for golf? In the current condition, you will find many golf shoes. Some of them are specifically designed for golf. So, the wide options might confuse you. If you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to choose a suitable one.

Before choosing a shoe, you will have to first understand the game and its unique necessities. With a better understanding of the game, it will be easier for you to choose a shoe that can meet your golf needs. In the article, we will discuss the top ten golf shoes. Also, we will help you to know which things you should consider while buying a golf shoe.

1.Adidas Golf Men’s 360

Adidas Golf Men’s 360 is designed for regular golfers. If you can afford to spend a little more, you should not look beyond this option. However, you will find it worth spending if you consider the quality and comfort level. It features full leather upper, ten removable spikes, and a synthetic sole. All these will ensure the required comfort and a perfect fit important to play golf. The leather upper is incorporated to keep your feet dry and the extra spikes will make you stable and prevent any slip.

This shoe features a 360 wrap that will surround your foot to offer enhanced arch support and improved stability. The grip is unparalleled.


  •  Comfort fit
  •  A 360 wrap to provide arch support
  •  Best quality with 100% leather
  •  Removable soft spikes to ensure excellent grip


  •  Leather upper might feel uncomfortable initially

2. ECCO Men’s Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

If you are looking for smart design and a durable result, you should try ECCO Men’s Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe. The superior comfort will be an added benefit. The leather upper of this shoe is treated with HYDROMAX™ to offer protection from different elements. The shoe is breathable and lightweight. The traction is also excellent. When it comes to stability, you will not experience any problem below 110mph speed. It will also perform well even at high speed.

The sole of the shoe is wear-resistant you can use it throughout without bothering about the grip. The shoe is appreciated for optimal comfort. However, you will have to wear them first around your home and then you can head to your course to get optimal comfort.


  •  Waterproof ability and excellent quality
  •  Stylish look and extremely comfortable· Wear-resistant sole to support long hours practice
  •  Excellent traction under 110 mph speed


  •  If you are a fast swinger, you might prefer more traction

3. Under Armour Men’s 3 Golf Shoe

Under Armour is one the popular brand across and you should not expect any exception here. Under Armour Men’s 3 Golf Shoe has all the best qualities of the Under Armour. The shoe is a bit expensive and comes with many improved features that include additional padding and triangular design tongue. The cleats of this version will be more flexible and softer. It will offer better grip and will enable you to leverage the ground to get more swing. You can expect excellent stability and grip.

The cosmetics enhancements, extra padding, and superior comfort make it the best choice for regular and inexperienced golfers. You will love the grip, traction, and flexibility.


  •  Exceptional traction and grip
  •  New and redesigned cleat to offer more flexibility and softness
  •  Lightweight and durable
  •  Stable and extremely comfortable


  •  A bit pricey
  •  Tongue can fall outside

4. Callaway Men’s TRX Golf Shoe

When you are looking for the best golf shoes, you cannot overlook Call-away. It is popular for producing some best golf products. Call-away golf shoes are highly appreciated by users for quality, comfort, and stability. You will get all the features that you need for your game. The range is excellent. Besides, it offers a comfortable fit and great grip on the course. The key benefit is that you can expect all the improved features at a competitive price.

Call-away Men’s TRX Golf Shoe features waterproof opti-repel microfiber upper, 7 spike dura-rubber outsole, champ slim-lok cleats, and opti-soft EVA midsole. Also, this stylish shoe is available in four different colors.


  •  Solid grip and great traction
  •  Affordable and durable
  •  Exceptional weatherproofing
  •  Great support on wet grass
  •  Comfort fit


  •  Not durable

5. Adidas Men’s Trx Golf Shoe

Adidas is famous for trainer shoes. So, you can expect all the best qualities to support your sports and boost your talent. This shoe comes with a rubber sole, waterproof synthetic upper, and six removable soft spikes. The look is excellent and stylish. If you are an occasional player and you are buying your first golf shoe, then you should not look beyond this option. It is super affordable and can easily fit into your budget.

Adidas Men’s Trx Golf Shoe has a great weatherproofing to enable you to practice in adverse weather condition. Also, it features a rubber sole and a low profile stealth cleat configuration.


  •  Stylish and attractive look· Affordable and durable
  •  Best for beginners
  •  Great weatherproofing
  •  Perfect grip and traction


  •  Great for only normal and narrow feet

6. Skechers Men’s Go Golf Shoe

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Shoe is designed for all those who are looking for an athletic material and a lightweight shoe with innovative cushioning technologies. You will appreciate the long-lasting comfort and durability. It uses 5GEN, GOGA MATRIX, and Agion to make this shoe the perfect choice for both regular and inexperienced golfers. 5 GEN is a lightweight and responsive cushion and can offer you the best comfort when you need it most. The GOGA MATRIX and Agion will offer maximum traction and long-lasting protection. You will get protection from odor and moisture.

The grip is exceptional. Also, it is water-resistant, flexible, and durable. The shoe is available in extra width as well.


  •  Extremely comfortable with good grip
  •  Great traction and stability
  •  Very nice fit
  •  Protection from moisture


  •  Small and very narrow

7. FootJoy Men’s Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s Golf Shoe is one of the most stable shoes available in the current market. This shoe is popular for grip and stability. The rigid outsoles and wide cleats will protect you in the ground when you swing and will enable you to leverage the ground fully. The construction is solid but the shoe feels soft and lightweight. It combines both comfort and stability and that makes it the first choice for modern golfers.

It features the Tour-S outsole to offer a lightweight and stable platform that can effectively transfer the power while being on the course. You will also love the comfort. It is available in seven different colors. However, you will have to spend more on this shoe.


  •  Incredibly stable
  •  Perfect fit and best comfort
  •  Soft and lightweight feel
  •  Good weatherproofing


  •  Expensive and might not fit your budget

8. PUMA Men’s Sport Golf Shoe

PUMA Men’s Sport Golf Shoe combines comfort, stability, and lightweight to keep golfers comfortable throughput. You will love the grip and stability. It is designed to offer extra roomy fit with a sporty midsole and breathable mesh. There is a TPU perimeter wrap to offer support during the swings and the rubber will ensure stability and solid grip both on wet or dry grass. This is waterproof that means you can use it even if there is excess wet or dew on the course.

You can expect a similar PUMA stylish look. The added benefit is the price. You can get superior comfort and great grip and traction at a competitive price.


  •  Breathable and durable
  •  Excellent comfort and traction
  •  Perfect grip and stability
  •  Lightweight and affordable
  •  Best for both wet and dry grass conditions


  •  Hard bottom sole
  •  Loose fit

9. FootJoy Women’s Collection

FootJoy is popular for producing cutting edge golf shoes. FootJoy Women’s Collection is their latest addition that comes with an innovative design with an impressive and stylish look. If you are looking for a casual and lightweight shoe, you should give it a try. It comes with a textile lining, full-rounded toe, and padded insole to offer utmost comfort and a lasting result. There is a durable DuraMax rubber outsole to deliver a turf-gripping experience. These are waterproof as well.

The upper is made from padded leather to ensure breathability and comfort fit. Also, it is available in different colors. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your taste.


  •  Good traction and versatile
  •  Waterproof and can work on damp grass
  •  Available in different colors
  •  Lightweight, soft, and comfortable
  • Provides a great grip and solid traction


  •  Initial tight fit

10. New Balance Men’s Golf Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe specifically made to meet your golf needs, then New Balance Men’s Golf Shoe is designed for you only. It has everything that you can expect from a perfect golf shoe. It comes with a 4mm midsole to boost balance, sensory feedback, and ground feel. There is a REVlite midsole to deliver excellent durability. This shoe features a welded thermoplastic cage pro and an Ortholite insole to keep users’ feet dry and cool. The dual-density rubber outsole will ensure great traction.

As it comes with a water-resistant upper, you can handle light dew and damp conditions. This shoe delivers great support, exceptional cushioning, and good traction.


  •  Extremely lightweight
  •  Comfortable and breathable
  •  Great traction and stability
  •  Best support on the course


  •  Lacks durability

Buying Guide

While buying the right golf shoes, you will have to consider stability, support, comfort, flexibility, and material. All these can make a perfect golf shoe. Here are a few things that you should consider to find the best golf shoe.

Stability and Traction

The best golfers generate much power in their swing and their shoe helps them to achieve the result. Make sure that the shoe offers the required stability and traction required on the golf course.

Flexibility & Support

A golf shoe needs to be flexible to support different feet and golf swings. All the golfers are different and follow different approaches. However, all of them need flexibility and support to perform better on the course. A right shoe plays an important role to boost your swing.


Comfort is one of the prime requirements. If your shoe is not comfortable, you might not be able to play better. Now golf shoes come with many advanced features to offer optimal comfort. Get the one that fits your feet and offer flexibility and comfort.

Great fit

With a proper fitting and quality material, you can expect comfort, support, and even great traction. It will also help you to use the ground in your favor. Know your feet type and choose a shoe accordingly to ensure a perfect fit.


You should always choose a shoe that is weatherproof so that you can use them in soggy conditions. With weatherproof, you will have to focus on quality. Cheap materials will lose the waterproofing quickly and you will not be able to practice in soggy conditions. So, make sure that your shoe is quality built and water-resistant.


You might be thinking that look has nothing to do with the golf. However, the look can make you look and feel confident. You will never like to wear a shoe that looks bad on your feet. So, get one that suits your personality. You will find many options. Even some products are available in different colors. You can choose any of them to reflect your style.

Spikes or No Spikes

Both these have some merits and demerits. Go through them to find out the best one. For example, if you want good traction, you can go with spikes. But for flexibility and lightweight, you can consider no spikes. It is a matter of the preference and the condition of the course that will help you to choose the right option.


Now you know your unique requirements and considerations. You have the list of top ten golf shoes as well. Go through them and then choose the one that can offer you the best support and protection on the course. Always focus on comfort, flexibility, breathability, and traction to make a good choice.

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