Best Basketball Shoes: Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

Basketball shoes are known to reflect the ideologies of hard labor, team spirit, as well as technical advancement. At present, you will find many types of basketball shoes on the market so that you will never run out of choice. However, unless you are not exactly sure what types of shoes are ideal for you, it is natural for you to become confused in the long run. Here, we have mentioned the 10 most popular basketball sneakers out there that will help you to make the proper choice.

1. ANTA 2018 KT3 Klay Thompson Basketball Shoes for Men

This shoe will enable you to play basketball just like a professional. These ANTA 2018 KT3 sneakers will provide you will the ultimate performance on the basketball court. They will help to make your feet stable while you are running and showing your indomitable skills at the same time. Your feet will also remain steady thanks to their ergonomic as well as high profile design. This will provide the user with optimum protection. Apart from this, the upper section comes with a breathable mesh which will allow your feet to stay cool.

There is no reason to worry while playing. The shoe’s outsole is manufactured in such a way that it will aid in keeping traction to the optimum level. Featuring ripple patterns, the sole happens to be slip-resistant and comes with remarkable traction as well. Heavy cushioning is provided by the heavy-duty heel as well as forefoot padding.


  • Feet contouring layout
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Additional thick cushioning


  • Somewhat expensive

2. Nike Air Versatile II Basketball Shoe

We all know Nike to produce some fantastic shoes over the years, and this product is no exception to that. It is hugely popular amongst the basketball players right now thanks to its sleek design as well as high performance. The upper blends the aesthetic and resilience aspects flawlessly thus complementing your overall getup. The combo of synthetic and texture materials is simply incredible. The sneakers provide a soft & plush sensation while the user is wearing them.

The shaft is positioned at the mid-top level from the arch which helps to balance comfort and performance impeccably. It will be possible for the players of different styles and positions to use this footwear rather comfortably. The rubber soles come with innovative herringbone pattern treads which allow optimum traction.


  • Ideal for all types of players
  • Sleek construction
  • Fantastic air ventilation


  • Nothing as such

3. Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

This one is yet another breathtaking shoe that lots of basketball players adore at present. Appearing quite stylish, these sneakers will motivate anyone to give his best on the court. Apart from their overall awesome design, these extremely lightweight sneakers offer remarkable versatility to each and every player who puts it on. The outstanding mesh construction offers appropriate breathability to the feet along with comfort as well as support.

Apart from the mesh design, the footwear comes with adequate ventilation such that there is proper air circulation while playing the game. Moreover, the distance of the shaft is 4.5 inches from the shoe’s arch, thus providing fantastic ankle support.


  • Attractive design
  • Versatile and resilient
  • Additional comfortable cushioning


  • A bit costly

4. Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

This fantastic pair of sneakers from Adidas always ensures top performance while playing the game. These shoes happen to be extremely resilient and are of premium quality plus unique when it comes to style. The shoe provides the impeccable hug as well as support thanks to the inclusion of a high top from the shoe’s arch. Moreover, it is extremely light in weight thanks to the perfect blending of texture and synthetic. These resilient materials will definitely offer you value for your cash.

Apart from having a top-notch upper, the midsoles are extremely comfy thank to the innovative TPU padding from which they are made. In this way, these shoes will not allow much pressure to build up while you are wearing it. The sneakers also come with responsive padding which maintains steady performance at all times. Last but not least, the presence of the xenon upper provided the shoes with an attractive appearance.


  • Responsive padding
  • Sophisticated design
  • Appropriate ankle cushioning


  • Provides a flat feeling to the user

5. Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

This premium-quality pair of basketball sneakers will elevate your game to a great extent. Adidas has manufactured some great stuff over the years and this footwear does not disappoint us either. It is unlike any other inexpensive shoes on the market. While the blending of fabrics and leather offers remarkable comfort as well as resilience, the shoe is quite resilient as well. Consequently, you can always expect it to serve you for quite some in the future.

The high top layout helps to protect your ankle adequately, and 3 elegant looking stripes help to make sure that the shoe appears all the more attractive. Apart from this, it comes with adequate ventilation thus preventing overheating as well. Lastly, the traction is also worth-mentioning thanks to the rubberized outsole.


  • Affordable
  • Adequate room for the feet
  • Sole is non-marking


  • Might not fit all feet sizes

6. Nike Men’s Kobe XI Elite Low

When it comes to point guards, the footwear is second to none. It is going to fit every single player perfectly. Construction and manufacturing technology is astounding. The sneakers come with a revolutionary zoom air unit which makes the foot respond quite fast. Moreover, the inclusion of TPU yarn helps to make the shoe light as well as fast.

The upper has been constructed from fly knit yarn which is extremely light, flexible as well as strong. The user will get fantastic form-fit comfort and they can also move quite fast while wearing them. The outsole is made from rubber and the midsole is constructed from special padding that helps to support the mid-foot.


  • Top-quality material
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Extremely resilient
  • Awesome sole traction
  • Midsole padding provides remarkable ankle support


  • Very narrow size which can cause problems for those having wide feet

7. Men’s Curry 3 Low

This is a fantastic product manufactured by Under Amour and will provide the players with awesome speed while playing. They will feel motivated by the outstanding technology as well as speed. The ground footing and the sole deserve special mention as well. Apart from this, the incredible cushioning technology will make the players quite comfy too.

Textile, as well as synthetic materials, has been used for reducing the weight of the shoes. This also helps to make the sneakers extremely durable as well as resilient. There is likewise the charged cushioning for the heel as well as midfoot support. The outsole design of the shoe helps the players to move very fast.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Midsole cushioning for midfoot support
  • Innovative Herrington design grip
  • Responsive and charged cushion for protecting the heel and the ankle


  • At times, the proper size might not be found online

8. Nike Jordan CP3.VIII

This shoe is one of the best on the market when it comes to playing basketball. Moreover, it comes with the signature of none other than Chris Paul on it. The design and technology of the Jordan shoes are simply breathtaking and will motivate almost any player to use it. It is fast, resilient as well as comfy. Being quite responsive, it will also offer the players lots of power as well as energy plus the urge to win at any cost.

The presence of the mesh and the synthetic rubber provide the sneakers with an attractive appearance. The upper is quite durable and lightweight. The midsole comes with soft padding that has lots of ventilation within it too. In a nutshell, this product is ideal for the fast as well as tough basketball players out there.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Rubberized sole featuring wonderful floor traction
  • Awesome design
  • Extremely springy cushioning capable of absorbing shocks
  • Soft padding for comfy use


  • Being narrow in size might not fit those with wide feet

9. Adidas Performance Pro Model for Men

This basketball shoe is quite unmatchable when it comes to resilience. It has been refurbished from the previous version by Adidas with several contemporary and recent touches. Perhaps the most notable feature of this shoe happens to be its traction. It can deal with the majority of the moves and will not allow you to either slip or fall during the game.

Another essential feature is the awesome support that it provides. The collar area has adequate padding and the wide midsole is quite level thus providing the user with a strong stance as well. For this reason, this product from Adidas is ideal for those who are endowed with flat feet. The breathtaking infusion-molded midsole also offers awesome cushioning while playing.


  • Extremely resilient
  • Simple to use
  • Provides maximum protection
  • Attractive design
  • Resilient material
  • Comparatively inexpensive


  • Somewhat heavier as compared to its rivals

10. Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 V

It is one of the most in-demand basketball shoes on the marketplace right now and there are many reasons for that too. It comes in extremely cool colors as well as designs both on plus off the court. While on the court, it makes use of a lockdown system and rather than using the standard outdated laces, the shoe comes with a “dynamic” lacing system which runs down the shoe’s outsoles. It helps to make the footwear extremely flexible while the midsole makes use of the innovative Zoom as well as Phylon technologies. This is just like some of the other products launched by Nike in recent times. There is also a heel counter that helps to make sure that the player does not slip while playing.


  • Zoom air padding
  • Dynamic laces
  • Heel counters for avoiding slippage


  • Requires some time for breaking in
  • Constant usage might erode the shoes

Buying Guide

Below, we have provided some essential factors to take into consideration while buying the best pair of basketball shoes either for yourself or any of your near and dear ones.


In case you are not certain regarding the size of your sneakers, make sure to measure your feet before anything else. Getting a proper idea of the length and breadth will allow you to make a prudent choice.


While playing the game, you are going to make movements. It is imperative to make fast and sharp movements so as to play the game at the top level. For this, you will need a shoe that is having remarkable traction. Traction actually means how well the shoe’s sole is able to grip the ground. It will not allow you to slip and will also help you to move freely.


Basketball happens to be a game of high intensity where one will be jumping and running all around the court. It will exert lots of stress on the feet of the player, and this might even make the player injured in the long run. The responsiveness of the player can also be disrupted by intense shocks. Therefore, a basketball shoe will be needed which can absorb all these shocks and strains effectively much to the comfort of the player.


The design of the basketball sneakers must also be considered given that they are obtainable in various awesome shapes and designs out there which will never make you run out of choice. Make it a point to go for an attractive design that you can be proud of.

5. Price

Although most of the top-level players put on expensive basketball shoes at present, not everyone can afford them while playing the game. Try to go for reliable brands that offer the required features at reasonable prices.


All these shoes mentioned above have been selected for this list on the basis of comfort, resilience, quality, as well as price. You can go for any of these shoes that we have already talked about. Nevertheless, make it a point to look at the online reviews so as to make the best decision.

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